LeatherInsiders offers a service aimed to business development in the leather industry. Your business will be able to improve in knowledge and comprehension of the market, its main key players and trends.


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Just like men, "No business is an island": luckily, our team can count on trustworthy people who make our knowledge wider and global. Thanks to our direct line, they support us by reading, advising and sometimes pointing us in the right direction.  More ...

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Our Daily Work

To be a reference point for leather world: over 500 newsletters, 36 reports and more than 200 contracts between companies and institutions.

LeatherInsiders combines the unique experience in the sector to a dynamic professionalism, ready to face the challenges of an ever changing market.

LeatherInsiders' approach to the leather market is formed by practical and professional ideas that represent a precise vision.

After only 12 months from the start of the project, the Insiders Report is on the desks of the most important companies of the market.