LeatherInsiders is a start up project of Alfeia S.p.A. that has as its mission the processing and production, even ad hoc, of data and information, as well as supplying marketing services in the leather sector and in the connected ones;

Today these segments seem increasingly characterized by the variety and the unpredictability of changes at every stage of the production chain, with the consequent entrepreneurial need to face these new and complex challenges;

The LeatherInsiders team work, with its News, Reports and innovative marketing services requested also on demand, support the professionals in all the leather and derived segments while taking efficient decisions and acquiring a systemic and in-depth view of the situations and of the on-going dynamics in the acquisition, production and sale of hides processes, from the raw to the finished;

Thanks to qualified resources and collaborations, LeatherInsiders is able to offer, in addition to these services, a selected and prompt flow of multilingual news, opinions, data, information and knowledge, accessible both off line and on line through any computing device, throughout the entire leather chain on a global level.